Linked NecklaceGreen Bead Link NecklaceFall 2010This was my very first necklace, for my mom. Each link has a different bead with no pattern.


Photo Transfer NecklaceHolding HandsFall 2010Inspired by my boyfriend and I. I have always wanted a picture on a pendant, so I used an old picture of my boyfriend and I holding hands.


Design BraceletSwirly BraceletFall 2010Inspired from a Jewler's book, so I created my own swirls to link them together.


Metal PendantMegan's NecklaceFall 2010I have always wanted a pendant that had my first initial, using a Jewler's Saw, I sawed an M out of a one inch by one inch square.

Metal CuffDiamond Cross CuffWinter 2011This cuff was of my own design which I drew out on paper. It's unique as no one else can have the same exact design as this one.

Transfer BraceletPhoto Linked BraceletSpring 2011This was also inspired by my boyfriend and I. It's a special way to show off pictures of the two of us.


Linked Necklace
Embedded Rock Pendant
Spring 2011
This necklace was also for my mom. She wanted a unique pendant and she recieved just that.


Beaded BraceletWire Rainbow BraceletSpring 2011

I made this because Mrs. Johson had just shown us the technique and I really liked the idea. I could never make an exact replica of this bracelet again because of the random beads and bending of the wire I used.

Beaded BraceletYellow Flower BraceletSpring 2011

I loved making these beaded bracelets so I made five different bracelets using the same technique. This bracelet was made for myself and it is such a pretty design. I made it for a dress I had to wear to a party and got so many compliments on it!