Design BookFall 2010Created for all sketches of Jewelry and other projects for this class. A way to test out my ideas and how they would like before creating them.


Altered Book CoverFall 2010Created for a mini scrapbook of my senior year. The cover is purple, my favorite color.


Page of Altered BookFall 2010Senior Varsity Tennis page. Inspired by the love of our team.


Mosiac/Dry Felt ProjectWinter 2010Inspired from Beauty and the Beast. The rose petals falling off of the rose.


Mosiac PieceSwirled VaseSpring 2011Inspired for my mom's Mother's Day Present. I spent many hours working on this project and to my surprise it actually turned out to look very nice. I added silk flowers for some finishing touches.

Mosiac PieceMosaic ClockSping 2011This is a clock I found at a rummage sale for only $1. It had flowers on the sides which wouldn't have matched my room, so I decided to mosiac it with brown and irridescent white to make it look very unique.

Mosiac Piece Mosaic Tile Sping 2011 There were some tiles left in the art room and I wanted to mosiac one for a coaster. Another bonus was that I found this glass that is so beautiful, it has blues and greys mixed in to make a pretty irridescent mix of glass.


Rug Target Rug Spring 2011 This was a rug made over the course of the semster. It was a slow working project, but after much work was put into it, the rug turned out very nicely and which match my room perfectly.